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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Why Will Bailey’s Wedding Be a “Surprise” to Her?

One of the biggest events on the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 horizon is the upcoming marriage between Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George). But since this is Grey’s, there will obviously be some obstacles, and plenty of drama.

Chandra Wilson spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Bailey’s mindset before the wedding, and how exactly Bailey and her beloved are going to deal with the long-distance relationship once they’re man and wife.

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As we know, Bailey will struggle emotionally with walking down the aisle again. After all, she was in an unhappy marriage for 11 years, and doesn’t want to repeat the past. So how will things be different this time around?

“She did the whole invitations and all of that [for her first wedding],” Chandra says, “and the fact that she would have to send out more invitations and invite all those same people again just seems a little silly to her.” Chandra says that Bailey will be “reluctant” to go ahead with any of the planning, which includes setting a date.

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But there is some good news. Her husband-to-be is very supportive this time around. “Ben has learned how not to pay too much attention to Bailey and her waffling,” Chandra says. “He wants a wedding so he's going to go about the business of putting together a wedding.” Chandra even says that the wedding itself “will be a surprise to [Bailey].”

Does this mean we could potentially see a surprise wedding held at Seattle Grace-Mercy West? That is where they had their Valentine’s Day date, after all. Chandra isn’t taking that option off the table.

More complicated, however, is what happens to Ben and Bailey once they’re married. How long can they sustain a long-distance marriage? “Just the fact that they would even consider going through with the large ceremony considering they don't even live together in the same state is just silly,” Chandra says. “Bailey still has to figure out what's important to her and what it is that she wants to do that's valuable.”

If Cristina (Sandra Oh) is really back for good, and taking over Bailey’s original role of “Nazi,” could Bailey wind up moving to be with Ben? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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