Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 6: “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” — The Mile High-Note Club
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 6: “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” — The Mile High-Note Club

Welcome to cougar town! In Nashville, Season 1, Episode 6, “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave),” there are plenty of shots, both of the alcoholic variety and the photographic variety. Also, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) proves to be a bad influence, which should come as a surprise to approximately no one.

A Push in the Right Direction

The episode begins with Juliette spending a day at the zoo because her publicist told her to. (And thankfully for Juliette’s sake, it’s hard to steal the animals since they’re all in cages.) It’s at the zoo where Juliette meets Tim Tebow Sean Butler, a squeaky-clean football star who lets a small animal crawl through Juliette’s hair. Not a great way to make a first impression, Sean.

When an unflattering but totally hilarious photo of Juliette with the animal on her face goes viral (speaking of which, we hope the animal didn’t actually give her a virus), her PR people realize that being spotted with do-gooder Sean wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world.

So Juliette reluctantly agrees to go to dinner with the guy, which reminds us of how Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow were spotted on a dinner date earlier this year. Gotta love art imitating life. Juliette and Sean both insult each other with him calling her a klepto, and her dissing his football stats but before you know it, they’re on a jet to Miami. Evidently, tough love pays off.

Their scene on the jet was maybe the most smile-inducing scene in the episode, with Sean proving that he kinda-sorta is a choir boy or at least that he can sing. He grabs a guitar and starts crooning one of her songs before she then joins in. Cuteness alert! But the main thing we learned from this scene? That every single person living in Nashville is an amazing singer and guitarist. Every. Single. Person.

They arrive at the club, and even though Sean (aka, “Club Soda”) makes it clear he isn’t a fan of tossing back anything except footballs, he’s still able to loosen up on the dance floor. And then Sean gets really loose as he channels Sean Penn, shoving a pushy paparazzo behind the club. So between Deacon’s (Charles Esten) fistfight last week and now this, these Nashville boys are gettin’ rowdy and we kinda like it.

Juliette learns that the photog snapped an incriminating pre-shove pic of Sean, so she decides to meet up with the paparazzo. Juliette then hands over a sizable check to this sleazebag opportunist in exchange for the photo, even though Juliette herself wasn’t even in it. What’s this could Juliette be turning over a new, altruistic leaf? Don’t worry we’re sure that this too shall pass.

Sean is so grateful for what Juliette did that he “asks her in.” And sure, we’re assuming that staying in on a Friday night is Juliette’s idea of what hell is like, but we admit that we’re kinda loving Sean. Sure, he’s basically just Tebow, but it’s fun to see him bring out a fuddy-duddy side to Juliette. Yes, sometimes we all need to embrace our inner fuddy-duddy.

Rayna Gives It a Shot

Rayna (Connie Britton) plays her new song which she wrote, thank you very much for label head Marshall, who reluctantly admits that it has promise. Uh, it has promise? That’s like saying that ice cream is palatable. Rayna wants to go with a totally new producer this time, but Marshall’s like, “Well, I hated your last album so let’s use the guy who produced that one.”

Teddy (Eric Close) still lags behind Coleman Carlisle (Robert Wisdom) in the polls, and Lamar (Powers Boothe) tells him, “You have zero political experience and a closet full of skeletons I just don’t get why you’re behind.” It’s time for drastic measures, as Lamar wants his cop buddy to pull Coleman over and delay him on the way to signing a “clean campaign” pledge. Oh, the irony.

Despite Marshall’s wishes, Rayna is hoping that her next producer will be Liam, a petulant rocker who “doesn’t know Kenny Chesney from Kenny Rogers,” according to Rayna’s manager. Rayna heads over to Liam’s place, but he promptly slams the door on her, saying that her sound is too “moms and SUVs.” See Liam does know when to fold ‘em.

But if you thought Rayna is the type to let a petulant rocker push her around, you’re wrong. She drops by again, this time impressing Liam with her knowledge of his career. He invites her in, offering her a drink. Rayna gives in, and suddenly, it’s the next morning, and Rayna’s memory of the night before is hazy at best. Sounds like a successful night to us.

Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 6: “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” — The Mile High-Note Club
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Teddy Can Be Such a Pill Sometimes

Coleman indeed gets pulled over, but the cops end up finding a bottle of Oxycontin, which belonged to Deacon. This may be the first time in history when the words “I was just holding those drugs for a friend” are actually true.

Liam shows Rayna footage of her inebriated self from the night before, giving the performance of her life. So Rayna tells Marshall that she’s chosen Liam to produce the album, but Marshall isn’t having it. Rayna thinks it is because Liam once snubbed him at the VMAs. Then again, Marshall certainly wouldn’t be the first person on this show who’s a fan of holding grudges.

Teddy has now taken the lead in the polls, thanks to Coleman’s fall from grace, but Coleman still refuses to let Deacon admit that the pills were his. Yet Coleman ends up with an ace up his sleeve in the form of pics of Teddy and Peggy touching hands. Coleman doesn’t want to play that dirty, but his wife is so there.

Marilyn and Avery Talk Business And Then Get Down to Business

Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) band has convinced Reed, a well-known concert promoter, to attend their gig with the hope that he’ll select them to open for the Lumineers. Avery’s band sounds pretty great — as much as it pains us to say that — and Reedseems impressed. However, Reed is harder to read than War and Peace.

Meanwhile, a manager named Marilyn has also heard the gig and wants to represent Avery’s band. Avery is ecstatic — which we all know only happens when something good happens to him — but Deacon tells him to steer clear of her. Deacon tells Avery that he’ll give Reed a call, and then Deacon essentially tells Avery to get off his lawn. If Deacon stared at us the way he stares at Avery, we’d run.

Avery learns that he didn’t get the Lumineers gig, but Marilyn — who is nothing if not horny persistent — still wants to work with him (or maybe under him). Avery finally agrees to meet at her place, where they start feverishly making out. Frankly, the only big surprise is that it took the slimy Avery this long to cheat on Scarlett (Clare Bowen) — and that Avery didn’t seal the deal with Marilyn.

Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 6: “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” — The Mile High-Note Club
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Scarlett hears from Gunnar (Sam Palladio) that Deacon tried to keep Marilyn away from Avery, and Deacon confirms this to Scarlett, explaining that Marilyn likes to “make music” with under-30 rockers, if you get our drift. Scarlett questions Avery as he gets home and instantly knows he’s lying and that he was intending to sleep with Marilyn. For a girl with such great instincts, we can’t believe Scarlett is still with this guy.

Finally, Scarlett decides that she will be blinded by Avery’s hotness no longer, so she asks Uncle Deacon if she can crash at his place. Wasting no time, Avery is knocking at Marilyn’s door and is ready to sign on the dotted line. Clearly, Scarlett leaving him has made Avery completely distraught.

So we have to say that this episode was pretty darn amazing — even though we didn’t get to hear a Garlett duet (shakes fist). And we have so many questions, like whether Coleman will go public with the pics, what’s up with Juliette and Sean, and if Scarlett and Avery are dunzo for good.

Plus, could there be a hint of a romance in the works between Rayna and Liam? We already know that Rayna has a thing for scruffy guitarists (*cough* Deacon). In other words, we can’t wait for the next episode in two weeks! If anyone needs us, we’ll be hiding from the paparazzi.

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