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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Are Ashley Davenport and Aiden Mathis Connected? New Photos Indicate Yes! (PHOTOS)

For several episodes now, we’ve had the sneaking suspicion that Revenge’s Aiden Mathis and Ashley Davenport might have some secret connection.

We’ve held our breath when these two Brits were left alone together, and we’ve looked into the furtive glances they’ve shared.

It all started when Aiden went after Daniel and worked on becoming a real name in Grayson Global. When he asked Ashley to dance at the Graysons’ wedding, the two were talking like they’d had some sort of shared past.

Ashley mentioned that Aiden looked like he’d known Emily for years. Could that have been a warning to him to amp up the acting? Aiden also asked Emily how she knew Ashley.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

The original story was that the two had met at a fundraiser the winter before her move to the Hamptons, but this time Emily said she’d met the social climber a few years ago and called her an “easy mark.”

“Yeah, maybe too easy,” Aiden replied.

Those are the pieces of this complicated puzzle thus far, but thanks to some new spoiler photos for Episode 8, “Lineage,” we see that back in 2006, these two were basking in the glow of the same neon club lights.

When Emily sets off on her first Satoshi Takeda mission, it seems to take her to this sleazy nightclub where Ashley’s decked out in stripper-wear and Aiden’s in a waiter’s tux.

So unless Ems went to two separate locations with the same mood lighting, all three of these current Hamptonites were rollin’ with the homies back in 2006.

How Aiden and Ashley were involved remains to be seen. Maybe he was one of her potential — ahem — clients.

Do you think Aiden and Ashley are connected? Or is this just a coincidence? Tell us your theories below!

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