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Revenge’s Nick Wechsler Says “There’s Hope” For Jack Porter and Emily Thorne — Exclusive

In each week’s new episode of Revenge, it seems like our favorite childhood sweethearts, Jack Porter and Emily Thorne, are one step closer to starting a relationship.

Though it seems like they’re eventually meant to be, Jack now shares a baby with Amanda Clarke and he recently proposed to the ex-stripper. And despite the fact that actor Nick Wechsler recently admitted to us that he doesn’t think Jack is actually in love with Fauxmanda, that doesn’t change the fact that Baby Carl is now a central part of his life.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the actor at TV Guide Magazine’s “Hot List” Party to talk to him about the future of Jack and Emily. And never fear, Revengers! Jemily isn’t dunzo yet.

“Yeah, there’s hope,” Nick told us. “We just don’t know when. This is going to be a huge, dramatic impediment to anything happening between them. But there is always hope or we wouldn’t have the show.”

Show creator Mike Kelley has admitted that Jack and Emily are the one couple that’s truly meant to be on the show, and he does eventually hope to bring them together. But considering revenge is never the right life choice (no matter how badass Emily Thorne makes it look), we can only assume that Jack and Emily don’t have the “ride off into the sunset” future you see in fairytales.

Do you think Jack and Emily will eventually get together? Weigh in below!

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