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Weird Weight-Loss Tricks …That WORK!

Thanks to our friends at Allure, we’ve got the skinny on diet secrets that are a little weird but entirely effective. Since we’re not ones to berate the bizarre, we can’t wait to try ‘em — especially since they really work!

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Take Your Vitamins
According to studies, women who take a multivitamin gain significant less body fat than those who don’t. If a vitamin a day helps keep the fat away, sign us up for our daily dose!

Change Your Seat
Ever noticed the breadbasket and chips always seem to end up in the middle of the table? We’re moving our seat away from the unnecessary carbs so we can save our calories for our real meal.

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Have a Guilt-Free Policy
The guilt from an unhealthy food choice ultimately may lead to overeating, so stop feeling bad and start having a healthy relationship with food. We’ve got enough going on — do we really need to feel bad about a burger?

Turn Off The TV
Burn calories by NOT watching TV? It can happen. A study showed that adults that were forced to watch 50 percent less television burned an average of 119 more calories per day. Now, that’s our kind of exercise!

Use a Small Plate
Due to basic physics, it’s simply impossible to eat a huge meal off a small plate. Keep your plate small, and your meal is bound to be small, too. And no stacking pizza on top of French fries to make it fit, ok?

Source: Allure

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11.15.2012 / 04:01 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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