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Who Is Nolan Ross’s Best Revenge Love Connection?: Tyler Barrol vs. Padma Lahari

Revenge’s Nolan Ross is the most devastatingly handsome nerd in the Hamptons, so it's about time that he got himself a love interest. Nolan and his new gal pal, Padma, are all kinds of cute –– but guys? One word: TyleNol.

We feel the same way about Tyler and Nolan that we feel about Jack (Dawson not Porter) and Rose circa Titanic. Basically, their relationship makes curl up in the fetal position and weep melancholy tears. Sob, why did you have to go cray-cray and die on us, Tyler? WHY?!

As you can tell, our love for TyleNol knows no bounds, but we have to admit...Padma and Nolan are pretty cute. Pads treats Nols a lot better than Tyler ever did, and the way she had his back during his dad's death was truly touching. Plus, she’s not a trigger-happy psychopath. Psh, semantics.

Sure, part of us is still convinced that Padma's an evil mole infiltrating Nolcorp, but she's given Nolan no real reason not to trust her.

Have at it, Revengers –– who do you prefer Nolan with? Vote below!

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11.15.2012 / 11:15 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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