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Why is Cee Lo Green Popular? You Asked, We Answered!

Why is Cee Lo Green popular? People, take a seat and pour a cup of coffee. This is going to take a while because we could write a book about the reasons Cee Lo Green, one of the four original coaches on The Voice, is popular (and he currently is writing his own book).

First of all hello? he's Cee Lo Green. We could be snippy and say, "nuff said!" but we'll elaborate instead. Reason number 2: He's a fabulous songwriter and singer. Ever hear of a little MEGA-hit called "F You"? The clean version was "Forget You." Everyone under the sun covered it. When that song came out in 2010, a lot of people said, "Great song. Who is this Cee Lo dude?"

But many knew of him from the two rap groups he'd started, Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley. Can you write songs, sing them with verve and aplomb, start rap groups, and produce records? Exactly. Cee Lo is also unforgettable-looking. There is something so inscrutably Mr. Clean about his bald head. And let's not forget the wild outfits.

Also, he loves cats. How could a guy like that NOT be popular? Finally, an artist was commissioned in 2012 to create a portrait of Cee Lo, with Purrfect the cat, made entirely of Cheetos, in honor of the singer's 38th birthday. That is beyond popularity. It is worship. Perhaps your next question will be: Is Cee Lo Green a deity?

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11.15.2012 / 09:52 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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