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The X Factor

5 Reasons We’re Glad CeCe Frey Didn’t Go Home on X Factor

CeCe Frey, we love you. We were sweating bullets sparkling in a ladylike way for the last week, terrified that our relationship with you would end in fumbled teleprompter-recited vocal back-patting and an awkward elbowy stage hug from Mario Lopez on X Factor’s live results show tonight.

Thank the animal-print gods and platinum blonde hair you are still in the competition. Here are the five biggest reasons we want to diva-hand sing Hallelujah that you didn't get cut:

1. You are fierce. The version of you who arrived to the first audition, tongue sharpened and taking no prisoners, was awesome. If you can channel that girl, Sasha Fierce-style, you’ve got the edge to win.

2. You can only get better. Your vocals have not been awesome, okay? But it’s not your fault. When you sang “I Will Always Love You” in auditions, you were amaaaazing. But you know what the difference was? You weren’t being overproduced and over-lighted and over-backup-singered. Let’s get back to that.

3. You are stupid beautiful. You obviously know you’re hot. Keep up the good work. But maybe go back to brown hair. That was better.

4. You seem really cool. Every contestant we’ve talked to has sung your praises. They can’t all be lying.

5. You seem to actually be growing. Our feelings about needing to be best friends with Demi Lovato aside, we think she is someone you should open up to and learn from as much as possible. She’s gotten some flak for her mentoring skills. Here’s our plan for you: pick your own songs. Speak up about what you need. But turn to Demi for all the personal parts. Hug her for us, K?

Keep your chin up, CeCe. We’re rooting for you.

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11.16.2012 / 08:18 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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