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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Responds to Ben Flajnik’s Comments on Courtney Robertson

Bachelor Ben Flajnik didn’t have such nice things to say about his ex-fiancée, Courtney Robertson, in this week’s Life & Style, y’all. While the post-breakup is definitely not yet approaching Jake Pavelka/Vienna Girard levels of venom, Ben definitely threw some major shade.

“I should apologize to all those women and say, ‘Sorry I didn’t see it,’” said Ben. “I really have lost all respect for this person that I thought I knew and that I was in love with at one point.”

Ben also accused Courtney of being in it for the fame, not love. Way to take the low road, Ben! Courtney had nothing but kind words for you when we spoke with her!

Somewhat unsurprisingly, some of Ben’s former flames had a few words to say on the matter. “Apology accepted?” Emily O'Brien tweeted, along with the link to the article. “Wow,” responded Blakeley Jones.

Ben’s comments also raised the hackles of some of Bachelor Nation’s more sassy fans, like The Posessionista, Dana Weiss. “There's nothing so ironic as calling your ex a famewhore in an exclusive interview with Life & Style.” Snap!

Source: Life&Style, Twitter

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