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Glee Season 4: Five Guys Blaine Should Date Next

Compiling a list of the best suitors for Glee’s Blaine (Darren Criss) besides Kurt (Chris Colfer) is like coming up with the best things to put on a peanut butter sandwich besides jelly: It just isn’t right. Still, this is a reality we may have to get used to, with Klaine in dire straits. So with that in mind, here are our top 5 picks for who Blaine should date next. (And yes, we wish we could make ourselves number six.)

5. Eli C.

Do we really want Blaine to date “Eli C.”? Well, kinda, but it’s mostly just the morbid curiosity of finding out what it is about him that got Blaine’s motor running. And now that Klaine appears to be on the outs, now might be a good time for Blaine to see if there’s anything between him and Eli. And who are we to complain about adding one more potential hottie to this cast?

4. Jeremiah, the Gap guy

Jeremiah, we hardly knew ye. And yes, Jeremiah a.k.a. the Gap guy from “Silly Love Songs” may be the dumbest guy on planet earth, since how else could you explain someone turning down Blaine? But we did think the guy was kinda cute, especially with those adorable locks. But could someone as fashionably unique as Blaine really date a guy from the Gap? We have our doubts.

3. Sam Evans

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Okay, so we get that Blam probably won’t happen, since Sam (Chord Overstreet) is straight (despite Kurt’s initial suspicions). But you can’t blame us for thinking that McKinley’s student-body president and vice president would be cute together. And hearing Sam tell Blaine in “Makeover” that he’s his gay bro made us realize how much we like seeing them bond. We’re just throwing it out there!

2. Dave Karofsky

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On this surface, this might not seem to be the most likely pairing, but we do know that Blaine likes watching football, so maybe these two have more in common than we realize. More than anything, we want Karofsky (Max Adler) to find happiness in life and we want to make sure he comes back on the show! For those reasons, we wouldn’t mind giving Blaine-ofsky a shot.

1. Sebastian Smythe

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There was a time when we the possibility of a Sebastian (Grant Gustin)-Blaine romance was the last thing we wanted to happen. (Put down the rock salt, Sebastian!) But now that Blaine is single, and since Sebastian got a bit nicer last season, we actually think these two could work. Granted, we’re hoping to see Blaine and Kurt together in the long run, but it might be good for Blaine to try dating someone who’s a tad edgier. Let’s face it: Sebastian is one smooth criminal.

Sebastian, for sure!

NO. Blaine belongs with Kurt!

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