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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: Who Does Jackson Sleep With?

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Bad news for April Kepner (Sarah Drew)/Jackson (Jesse Williams) fans: According to a recent spoiler, when Grey's Anatomy returns from its winter hiatus in 2013, Jackson may get it on with someone who's not April.

We know — we're upset, too. Not so upset that we haven't immediately started speculating about who could catch Jackson's interest, however. We can't help ourselves. So here are our top three theories about who it could be.

One of the new interns: Since most of the main female cast members are married or in serious relationships, we find this the most probable theory. The newbies will have been around long enough for one of them to establish a connection with Jackson by that point, and the writers need something to do with them.

The recent spoiler that Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) will develop a serious crush on one of the main docs and share an "intimate," "charged," moment with said doc during Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) wedding — which just so happens to be during the last episode before the hiatus — also makes us feel more confident in this theory. We suspect Stephanie is going to develop a crush on Jackson. After all, there are already several other interns rumored to be going after Alex's (Justin Chambers) heart, and most of the other main male characters are a bit too old for the interns.

Of course, we could be totally off base here, so we have two other theories.

A guest character. If the main point of Jackon's sexial liasion is to provide dramatic fodder for his story with April, then the character may be someone who just pops up for one or two episodes. Perhaps a friend of a patient, someone from his past, or even a random girl he meets at a bar.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). Okay, we realize this one is probably crazy, and almost certainly wrong. But we thought we'd throw it out there. We suspect Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina's relationships is going to remain complicated, and if Jackson and April also have a falling out, it's possible he and Cristina will fall into bed together in a moment of mutual depression. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time characters on this show slept together for all the wrong reasons.

Who do you think Jackson will sleep with? Or are you holding out hope that the spoiler is totally off base? Share your feeling in the comments below!

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