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Is Dianna Agron Dating Christian Cooke — and How Serious Are They?

When we first saw photos of Dianna Agron (Quinn) holding hands with sexy British actor Christian Cooke during a November 14 dinner date, we couldn’t help but wonder more about what was going on.

Sure, Di and this new guy are looking pretty cute and cozy. They’re even holding hands. But one night at dinner doesn’t necessarily indicate a full-fledged relationship. So, are Dianna and Christian dating?

JustJared spoke exclusively with a source familiar with the situation, and they are reporting that Di and her new British pal are not an item. At least not yet.

“Christian and Dianna really hit it off when they first met,” JustJared’s source reveals. “They’ve been really flirty with each other and have only been hanging out for less than a week!”

But will all this flirtation eventually lead to something more? Only time will tell.

Source: JustJared

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11.16.2012 / 06:23 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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