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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Shocker: Snooki Hooked Up With Pauly D!

We know that Snooki has had an on-again, off-again thing with Jersey Shore co-star Vinny, but did you know that she once hooked up with his BFF, Pauly D.

We had no idea either! Snooki let the news slip a few months ago during Gym, Tan, Look Back, a Jersey Shore retrospective that premiered before the 2012 VMAs. The show, which aired a lot of never-before-seen moments from the cast, included an interview between Snooki and a producer, where Snooki asks about her hook-up with Pauly.

“Did you know I gave Pauly a blow job?" Snooki asks.

“Yeah,” the producer responds.

“Why didn't I know this? No one ever told me!"

It sounds like Snooki was hazy about the situation, which means it probably happened during her drunken single girls escapades in Season 1 or 2. Now that Snooki is a doting mom and wife-to-be, we doubt she would engage in the same behavior.

However, now that we know that they hooked up, we now know that Snooki has hooked up with all but one Jersey Shore guy. The more you know!

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