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Revenge’s Michael Nardelli on What’s in Store For Declan and The Stowaway — Exclusive!

Though he was only on Revenge briefly this season, actor Michael Nardelli’s character, Trey Chandler, made a lasting impact on the Porters and their storyline.

Trey was responsible for sending Declan into a downward spiral after the tough teen went mansion-robbing in the wrong millionaire’s Hamptons pad. And we later learned that Trey and Kenny Ryan had planned the whole robbery in order to put Kenny in line to help take over The Stowaway.

We’ve been dying to know what’s going to happen with The Stowaway and the Porters this season, so when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Michael at TV Guide Magazine’s “Hot List” Party, we asked him all about it.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Will Trey make another appearance?

Michael Nardelli: I have no idea. When I did those episodes, I didn't really know until two days before doing them. I'm waiting to find out. As soon as you hear something, let me know.

Sounds like the door is open.

It seems that way, because they left it [with] me and Kenny talking in the car about our plan, which I know a little bit about. So it seems that way. I hope so.

The Stowaway storyline is heating up how are you involved?

I have no idea. All I know is [that] I deliberately set Declan up to get entwined in this plot that's going on. I believe there are larger implications that will come from it. But I don't know what I'm supposed to say about it. Let's say that there are larger implications to the house-robbing and jewelry and everything else that's been happening.

Why was Declan willing to mansion-rob for money or something deeper?

Something deeper definitely. I think Declan just wanted to have fun. Trey gave him a pretty [good] opportunity to do that and make some money. He's obviously in some financial problems right now, and Trey kind of manipulated that.

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11.16.2012 / 02:49 AM EDT by Nicholas White
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