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Energy Drinks May Pose Serious Health Risks — Are They Worth It To You?

We're all so busy running around these days, trying to keep up with the gym, work, and our social lives, it's no wonder we inevitably find ourselves hitting a brick wall. Despite really wanting a daily nap time of our own (why do kids resist naps?!), we often turn to the next best thing: the energy drink.

But are these beverages as awesome as they seem or could they actually be dangerous? Based on five recent deaths that are possibly linked to the Monster brand, these pick-me-ups may be downright fatal. Shape took a closer look at the dangers associated with energy drink consumption and reported their findings.

Although caffeine was the culprit ingredient listed in the investigations of these timely deaths, it's the combination of caffeine and other ingredients that could be posing a major risk to our healths — particularly, guarana, which is super-high in caffeine itself, and could take the total amount of the stimulant over the recommended cap of 300 milligrams.

What's more, other factors such as hydration, pre-existing medical conditions, and exercise levels can affect the impact of these power drinks on our bodies. And you can forget about that Red Bull and vodka — mixing energy drinks with alcohol is, not surprisingly, a recipe for disaster.

The Monster company released a statement claiming that their product is and always has been safe. But should we believe the corporate print or our own bodies? Let us know: Do you use energy drinks to make it through the day?

I don't care! I'm addicted!!!


Read the full blog post here.

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11.17.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Maria Valiente
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