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How to Wear Sexy High Heels Comfortably — Yes, It Can Be Done!

Let’s face it, we’re not all Carrie Bradshaw; if we ran down the streets in 5-inch stilettos we’d be looking at the business end of hospital bill, right? But still, they’re sooo pretty and they make our legs look sooo long. We can’t help but try to pull the look off. Don’t fret, ladies, Everyday Health gave us some helpful tips on how wear those heels without hating your life.

Consider this your Sexy Shoe Survival Guide.

Stay Away From Strapless
Slingback and strapless shoes put more strain on your leg and ankle muscles. If possible go with a strappy shoe or one with a closed back. It will provide more support for your tootsies.

Wear Sensible Shoes As Long As Possible
Event the most comfortable heels have an expiration date. Last longer in them by wearing sensible but stylish flats until you get to the party, then discreetly change into your pretty pumps. No one has to know!

Go For a Thicker Heel
Okay, we all want those stilettos, but realistically if you’re going to be on your feet all night, it might be wise to consider a thicker or lower heel. You’ll have more balance and it will relieve the pressure on the balls of your feet.

Get the Right Fit
Some women think that if they go bigger then they won’t get blisters. Not the case. The heel should fit snugly between your heel and the back of the shoe. You can always add inserts to cushion your heel and the balls on your feet.

Get more tips on how to be happy in heels at Everyday Health!

Source: Everyday Health

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11.17.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Jana Moseley
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