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Skin Care Central: How to Make Enlarged Pores Look Smaller

We've all been there: We painstakingly apply our número uno tinted moisturizer for the ultimate glow and suddenly they're front and center — our pores. These not-so-pretty pockets are a little too noticeable and a lot undesirable. But everyone's least favorite skin dilemma definitely has a solution. Enter skin care expert Paula Begoun, also known as The Cosmetics Cop, with a slew of skin-saving solutions for those tricky, larger-than-life pores.

"Problems arise when your oil glands make too much oil," Paula writes. "The excess oil mixes with other substances (such as dead skin cells) in the pore to form a clog. Not surprisingly, this clog makes it difficult for the oil to flow freely, which causes the pore itself to enlarge."

How to remedy oil-blocking clogs and minimize enlarged pores? Among Paula's numerous fantastic face tips, she warns against using skincare products that clog pores or that contain irritants which cause your oil glands to produce more oil. She suggests steering clear of thick or greasy moisturizers with an overly creamy texture — especially if your skin is oily — as they can trigger clogged pores.

Other pore-minimizing ideas: Think prescription retinoids, such as Retin-A, Tazorac, Avita, renova and Differin. "These can be used by themselves or in combination with a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) product," Paula says. "Research has definitely established that [prescription retinoids] have positive effects on the way pores function, and you should consider these products for very stubborn cases."

Source: CosmeticsCop

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11.17.2012 / 12:50 AM EDT by Lauren Mang
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