Tyra Banks Shoots Down Rob Evans Dating Rumors: “He’s Like My Brother”
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America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks Shoots Down Rob Evans Dating Rumors: “He’s Like My Brother”

America's Next Top Model judges Tyra Banks and Rob Evans are not k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree, but she thinks he may have a crush on her. 'Cause life hasn't been kind enough to her! Tyra has shot down romance rumors before, and she further explained her relationship with Rob on The Wendy Williams Show.

"I am his boss, but not in the bedroom," Tyra said. "I am his boss at work. But you know what, I took Rob out to dinner when we first started working on America's Next Top Model and we went to his hotel in the lobby to have drinks. They don't say that my best friend with red hair was at the table with us!" Tabloids left that part out and suggested she and Rob were dating, which was hilarious to both of them.

"He's like my little brother," Tyra said. And she's a sister to him, except maybe a sister more in the Game of Thrones sense. They laughed about the romance rumors, but she said Rob asks her things like, "'How come you don't like younger guys like me?' So I'm his sister," Tyra continued, "but maybe — he may have a crush on his sister, but he's my little brother."

Tyra said she's trying to date right now, and we know she wants babies. Seriously, though, would you ever turn down Rob if he came to you wanting to make you the boss of his whole life?

Watch the full video for some fun details you may not have known about Tyra.

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