Who Is Leila Goldkuhl? 5 Things to Know About ANTM Cycle 19’s Gap-Toothed Modelstant
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America's Next Top Model

Who Is Leila Goldkuhl? 5 Things to Know About ANTM Cycle 19’s Gap-Toothed Modelstant

You know America's Next Top Model style guru Johnny Wujek thinks she looks like Kristen Stewart. You know her hunting shot was named best photo in the first shoot of Cycle 19. And of course you've seen the gap. But this model didn't go as far as everyone had hoped. Here are some other things to know about Cycle 19's Leila Goldkuhl.

1. She works at Marylou's Coffee.
Leila, 20, is a Framingham, MA native who goes to school at the University of Rhode Island. Her ANTM bio says she’s unemployed, but she told KISS 108 in Boston that she works at Marylou’s Coffee, which has locations all over MA and RI. Since Marylou’s is always featuring pretty pink-clad girls in its commercials, it’s only a matter of time before model Leila is their star, right? Unless she gets signed with a modeling agency? She told KISS she’s not signed anywhere yet.

2. She has a boyfriend.
In mid-August, Leila told Boston.com she would be traveling with her boyfriend, a Boston University student, when the ANTM premiere aired. Also last month, she told KISS she had been dating her man for 17 months and two days. (They probably have it down to the minute!) He’s 20 years old — and at 6’3” he’s tall enough that the 5’11” model can still wear heels and not be taller than him. “I look small next to him,” she said. It looks like there’s a picture of him on her (protected) Twitter account, where her bio reads, “Studying Textiles, Fashion Merchandising & Design at URI. I love volleyball, modeling & the Bruins. Lucky Happy in Love. Fans- follow me @leilagoldkuhl.”

Who Is Leila Goldkuhl? 5 Things to Know About ANTM Cycle 19’s Gap-Toothed Modelstant
Credit: The CW    

3. Apparently she’s not a huge ANTM fan.
Leila told Boston.com she hasn’t seen much of the show and she’s counting on her family to keep her in the loop. “My family is so excited, especially my mom and my sister,” Leila said. “I don’t ever keep track of it. They’re my source.” How can you be on a show and not watch?! Her bio says her favorite show is Project Runway, which is cool, but obviously ANTM should be climbing the charts.

4. She seems pretty quiet.
During her radio appearance with KISS, Leila was so worried about giving anything away, they had to remind her that, in doing these promo interviews, you have to give some kind of teaser. She just seemed sweet and maybe a bit shy. That could be an issue if ANTM wants to have a winner who is comfortable and outgoing in the spotlight, doing lots of media. Her personality is more low-key than a lot of the other models. Then again, she listed her favorite movie as Zoolander, so there has to be a real sense of humor in there somewhere. Let’s hope she brings it out on the show!

5. She could be a frontrunner to win — or at least make the finals.
Before the season started, new judge Rob Evans told Banbury Guardian. “We began filming with 30 girls and I spotted two girls early on who I liked and who both made it to the final so I was happy with either of them to win.” Rob singled Leila out right on the premiere, saying he could see a lot of potential in her — and if she could be like a sponge and absorb all their information, she could go far. On Episode 2, Rob said if had a call sheet saying he was working with a hot female model tomorrow, and Leila walked in, he’d believe it. He gave her photo a perfect score of 10 — all the judges did that week. If that isn't an early endorsement, nothing is! Also, KISS 108 said they already knew whether Leila won or not and couldn't say, but just the fact that they talked to her — and they don't talk to many ANTM people, even the locals — is a sign that she probably goes pretty far.

Sources: KISS 108, Boston.com, The CW, @leilagoldkuhl

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