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Will Farrah Abraham and Daniel Alvarez Ever Get Back Together? Daniel Tells All! — Exclusive

On the Tuesday, August 14, episode of Teen Mom, we watched slightly horrified as Farrah Abraham started talking wedding bells and baby strollers — in front of her boyfriend Daniel's parents! Let's just say, we're not surprised he bailed on her in Austin.

But this is reality TV, which means the cameras didn't capture everything that went down between the star-crossed pair. We caught up with Daniel Alvarez around the time the episode aired to get the inside scoop on what really happened that fateful night in Texas, and whether or not he'd ever consider getting back together with the Teen Mom star.

Check out what he had to say!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Did you feel bad about leaving Farrah at the hotel?

Daniel Alvarez: As you and the viewers know, the cameras don’t capture it all. There is no way for the crew to film every single detail of our life. With that being said, I can assure you and the viewers that I did not ditch Farrah at the hotel. The breakup happened after our dinner at The Oasis (restaurant).

It began with Farrah completely degrading not only a helpless and innocent fast-food drive-thru attendant, but also two of my closest friends. She demanded that they (my friends) pour her drinks and even had the audacity to call one of them "fake." At that point I chose to cut ties with her and after a brief but direct argument, I sent her back to the hotel with a close friend of mine. Farrah already knew we were done and that I was not planning on taking the same flight back as her.

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Did your parents like Farrah?

My parents were more concerned with me being happy than their personal opinion on Farrah. Yes, they weren't extremely fond of her and Cristina (my stepmother) felt absolutely disrespected after Farrah's foolish comments, but at the end of the day it was my choice.

If she hadn’t come on so strong about marriage, do you think you would have stayed together?

The marriage thing was definitely a deterrent but it wasn't the end-all. Most of us are looking for love and will one day want to get married and have a family. I've stated before that a healthy relationship has to be cultivated over time and cannot go from a few weeks of dating to marriage. Not if you want it to last at least. And for me, marriage is a one-time thing so I’m not looking to take a leap of faith over a 6-week dating session.

Would you ever consider giving it another shot now that Farrah’s a bit older and wiser?

Older and wiser? Is this a serious question? No, dating Farrah again has and will never cross my mind.

Have you heard Farrah’s debut single? Any thoughts?

I have a sincere appreciation for people who follow their dreams in the midst of adversity. I give Farrah props for releasing these "songs" and wish her the best in her pursuit of a music career. Will she be a successful singer? Probably not. But that's my opinion (and the opinion of about 99 percent of the people who've heard her music). I truly think it's a publicity stunt for her upcoming book and a way to generate a buzz — whether good or bad — and extend her 15 minutes of fame.

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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11.17.2012 / 12:05 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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