America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19: 10 Things We Learned From the Clip Show
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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19: 10 Things We Learned From the Clip Show

It’s trivia time! After freaking out over the America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 finale, ANTM continued the theme by airing its behind-the-scenes highlight show, called “The Girl With the Best Top Model Freakout.” Here are some interesting things we learned from the clip show, including the season’s Top 10 Freakouts.

10. Pot Ledom singer: Tyra Banks once thought she could sing and created her one and only single, called “Shake Ya Body.” Now she admits she’s better at business.

9. Bag boy: Bryanboy has a Marc Jacobs bag named after him, called the Marc Jacobs “BB” bag.

8. Creepy crawlies: The models’ house was plagued by arachnids. "We're being friggin’ attacked by spiders," Nastasia Scott said. They were apparently everywhere. Allyssa Vuelma was pretty hilarious about it and made some great faces.

7. Anger management: When Allyssa gets angry, she puts glass in a bag and hits it with a hammer.

6. She’s flexible: Laura James is a certified Pilates instructor. She’s been certified since 2009.

5. Animals hate Leila: The girls went swimming with horses — and when Leila Goldkuhl got behind her horse, he pooped on her. And she swam in it! Let’s just name that horse Kristin.

4. What a Jerk: Rob Evans’s favorite dinner is Jerk Chicken. And he can’t stand Cucumber Beet Salad. Now you know what to make him — and not make him — for dinner, should he ever stop crushing on Tyra and ask you out.

3. Don’t flirt with Victoria: One of the Jamaican male models was all over Victoria Henley and she was offended. She’s a feminist and a virgin and Kiara Belen thought it was hilarious how she was even praying out in the water, seeming to want the model to leave her alone. She didn’t want a boyfriend. “Losing my virginity would just feel like I was invading my own personal boundaries.” Who else misses her? Admit it. She was classic.

2. Here are the Top 10 Freakouts, as revealed during the show:
10. The adventures of Leila and the big bad horse.
9. Melodramatic Maria vs. Kelly Cutthroat Cutrone.
8. The “I’m the Real Bitch!” escapade between Kiara and Darian. Great diss from Darian: “That’s not a model — that’s a chick that’s kind of pretty, skinny, with a weave.”
7. Leila and Laura's high school cryathon — aka “You’re Obsessed With Yourself"
6. Yvonne vs. Bryanboy at the Steampunk shoot. “What was that?”
5. The “Just Hit Me” smackdown between Kristin and Destiny.
4. Victoria’s “Leave Me Alone!” meltdown during the Tyler Perry challenge.
3. The “Bitch, Shut Up!’ showdown between Kristin, Kiara and Leila
2. The “I Miss You, Mama!” lovefest between Victoria and her mother.
1. Kelly’s fight with Jez during the Nine West photo shoot. Team Jez on this one.

1. Tyra is the biggest fool: As an bonus freakout, Tyra included her own “DO YOU KNOW WHAT ACTING A FOOL MEANS?” moment at panel. That Tyra — she’s never afraid to go a little crazy.

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11.18.2012 / 10:37 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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