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The Vampire Diaries

How Tall Are the Stars of The Vampire Diaries?

Ian Somerhalder (Damon): There’s something about Ian that makes him look as though he’s eight feet tall. But then, love can sometimes cause delusions, right? According to IMDB, Ian is an average 5’ 9.5”. You may not want to wear sky high stilettos in his company, but then — he doesn’t strike us as the kind of guy who gets caught up with something that trivial anyway.

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Katerina Graham (Bonnie): Kat is the most diminutive of the group, measuring in at 5’ 2”. We’re guessing her sturdy singing voice and larger than life fashion personality account for her seemingly tall stature.

Candice Accola (Caroline):
Caroline comes up heads above the other ladies at 5’ 8”. You know, we could kinda guess that by looking at her. She has good posture.

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Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine): For some reason we were thinking that Nina was a wee little woman, so we were surprised to discover that she’s above average: According to our research, Nina stands at 5’ 6.5”. Maybe she looks shorter than she really is because she’s so thin?

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Paul Wesley (Stefan): Paul is tied for the tallest guy of the bunch at 6’. We never noticed him towering over Ian before, but that must be because we were distracted by his golden locks, smoldering abs, and dreamy blue eyes. Polish genes are obviously what gods are made of.


It’s difficult to figure out how tall our favorite TVD stars are when we really only see them on the small screen, but we’ve been wondering how they stack up. (After all, don’t most celebs always seem taller on screen than they actually are in real life?)

Would we be able to look eye-to-eye with Ian Somerhalder (Damon)? (And pass out as a result of his smolder-hotness, natch.) Would we be able to fit pint-sized Nina Dobrev (Elena) in our pockets? Well, we’ve done some digging so you don’t have to! Find out how you measure up against the TVD stars. Click through the following pages and find out!

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Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy): Even though Steven plays the little brother, he isn’t actually little: He’s tied with Paul Wesley on the height front at just over 6’. It’s really true: Elena’s brother is all grown up!

Joseph Morgan (Klaus): The cutie who plays Klaus is just a tad shorter than Paul and Steven, coming in at 5'11".

Michael Trevino (Tyler): Michael is 5’ 9”. He’s not exactly towering over us, but he’s certainly above average.

Zach Roerig (Matt):
Zach is of a middle of the road stature, just as his character is a middle of the road guy. He stands at 5’ 11”. And we’re not going to lie: We love every inch.

Source: IMDB

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