Did The Situation Accidentally Tweet Out His Real Cell Phone Number?
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Jersey Shore

Did The Situation Accidentally Tweet Out His Real Cell Phone Number?

Well, at least one Jersey Shore star has had an event-filled Monday morning.

It appears The Situation may have accidentally tweeted out his real cell phone number while trying to send a pseudo romantic direct message to an unknown follower.

“Yeah babe call me maybe: 732-939-2906-dm, don't give out , Sitch,” he wrote for the whole world (or at least his 1.4 million followers) to see.

Sitch soon realized his error once the phone started ringing off the hook with random call-ins. “We def have a Situation,” he noted.

Instead of having a conniption about it, though, Sitch coolly wrote, “I guess I'll jus change it tomorr , Sitch , so call call Away.”

Unfortunately for him, his phone company apparently doesn’t share his tolerance for the influx of strange calls. “Phone company called : he's like u got a situation buddy , I'm like thanks man but I'm the Situation ! For real , Sitch” he updated.

Sitch was at the time packing up to return from his tour in the United Kingdom, so we have to wonder: Is he getting roaming charges for every dial? Cha-ching!

Even if so, at least it’s not a nude picture like so many other celebs have endured!

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