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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Francia Raisa Teases Jack’s Fate in the Secret Life Holiday Special: “We Still Don’t Know if He’s Going to Come Back to Life or Not” — Exclusive

Even though our favorite show won’t air its final episodes until Spring 2013, never fear — The Secret Life of the American Teenager returns tonight to spread holiday cheer!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with star Francia Raisa, who plays the ever-sassy Adrian Lee, and she teased two of the episode’s biggest storylines — including Jack’s fate! Check out our chat with her below, and then stay tuned for the next two parts of our exclusive interview.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The Secret Life Christmas special airs tonight! What can you tell us about it?

Francia Raisa: It's a fun episode. It was really weird filming it over the summer because we're wearing all these winter coats, and it was so hot out. But all in all, it's a fun episode. We break into this toy store where all the foster kids go and get their own gifts. The store knows that that happens. And literally, the store is a dream come true for anyone. I don't care how old you are. It is the best store in the world. You just look all around, and it is just toys everywhere.

Why did you guys have to break into it?

It's just a tradition that, I guess, Ricky and Clementine started when they were little because they didn't have families, and they wanted to have a Christmas. So that toy store was known to be the store where all the foster kids go. And it's just known that they break into it, but the store actually leaves it unlocked for all the foster kids. It's really sweet.

So how does Omar end up with a donkey?

He filmed that, and he doesn't get it. He’s like, “I don't know how I end up with a donkey.” I don't know. It was so random. I mean, even reading the script, I'm like, “But where did it come from?” So maybe when I watch the episode, it will explain it, because I don't know. It's a really, really funny ending, and I hope that some of you get the punch lines — just think of the nativity story.

It seems like Kathy's going to have a little baby Jesus ...

Exactly. That's where the story is going, and I think that's why the donkey was there.

Can you say anything about Jack's coma? Are we delving into that?

Yes. The Christmas episode will definitely talk about Jack in the coma and what's going on with him. He will be in the episode. In this episode, we still don't know if he's going to come back to life or not.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Christmas special, “Hedy’s Happy Holiday House,” airs tonight, Monday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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