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Bones Review: What Did You Think of Season 8, Episode 7: “The Bod in the Pod”?

There was a case on Bones tonight, right? We vaguely remember something about the owner of a crime-scene cleanup crew getting murdered. There was a bitter wife, a scorned lover, a fierce rivalry, and the victim’s really hot son who totally reminded us of Glee’s Chord Overstreet (Sam).

But let’s be real. The crime was not what we really cared about during this week’s Bones Season 8, Episode 7: "The Bod in the Pod." What we care about is the fact that the identity of Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) long-teased mystery new love interest has finally been revealed!

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And it’s... Aristoo the Squintern? My how times change! Just seasons ago, dear Mr. Vaziri was just a quiet little squint who talked with that accent nobody could really understand. Now, we learned a while ago that Aristoo was actually faking his accent. But tonight we learned that there’s a whole lot more we didn’t know about him.

Like, who would have guessed that Aristoo is actually a political exile — and for writing sexually-charged poetry, at that! And while we’ll admit that we don’t really understand the appeal of his poetry once it’s translated to English, it songs pretty darn romantic when he’s reciting it in Arabic.

To Cam.

His Boss.

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Because Aristoo the Squintern is Cam’s new love interest. They even make out in front of the Jeffersonian and everything! Kids these days.

Honestly, though, we’re still trying to process this entire situation. We’re not really sure what to think.

I love Cam and Aristoo together!

I think it's a little weird. She's his boss!

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11.20.2012 / 08:05 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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