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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska on Adam’s Promise Ring: “I Knew We Weren’t Going to Be Married”

Our jaws hit the floor when Adam "I'm Not A Player I Just Crush A Lot" Lind gave Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska a promise ring for her 20th birthday. This dude doesn't exactly have a great track record when it comes to being faithful, but hey — maybe he turned a new man-leaf?

"I was happy and surprised," Chelsea tells Maci Bookout during Teen Mom 2's aftershow. "I mean at that moment I was just pretty much happy."

Turns out this wasn't the first time Adam had given Chels a ring, but it was definitely the most important.

"He had given me like a ring a while back, but it wasn't that meaningful or anything, and not really any other presents," Chelsea explains. "So I was surprised he even got me anything. I knew it wasn't like we were gonna get married or anything, but maybe he wasn't just gonna walk away when things got tough."

Adam's gesture was all kinds of chivalrous, but will he be able to keep up the good behavior? Guess we'll have to wait and see next week, y'all! Oh, and spoiler alert: Chelsea is currently single and loving it.

Source: MTV

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