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How To Divide Up Holiday Family Time (Without Making Anyone Feel Left Out)

We love the holidays! Except for the part where we stress about how to split up time between all of our family members. You feel us, right? You don’t want to tick off your in-laws, but you can’t deal with hurting your parents’ feelings either. We know — sadfaces all around, and that's NOT the holiday spirit.

Unless you've got Dr. Phil on speed dial — or better yet, one of your understanding relatives — you might need a little help with this sticky sitch and we’re here to help!

Make a plan. Winging it just won’t work if you really plan on seeing all of the relatives during the holidays. Sit down and figure out who lives where-with a map, if need be-so you can make traveling, and your life, a little easier.

Take turns. If you spend Thanksgiving with your family, be fair to your husband’s side with a trip to the in-laws’. It might be hard to give up time with your fam, but what’s fair is fair. Just remember: someday, you might be a mother-in-law, too.

Play favorites. It’s not how it sounds. If Grandma loves New Year’s but your husband’s aunt always hosts Christmas Eve, plan to let each host their favorite holiday. If you’re really feeling brave, offer to host something at your house and save your family from the nightmare of running around. Yes, it will take longer to clean up after dinner, but you’ll avoid cancelled flights and holiday traffic — sounds like a decent trade-off to us!

Put in some digital face time. Thanks to brilliant people like Steve Jobs and whomever created Skype, there are tons of options when it comes to digitally “seeing” your family in real-time. Even if you can’t really be together, beam them in!

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11.20.2012 / 05:51 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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