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Is Breaking Amish Real? Cast Addresses Rumors in Post-Season 1 Reunion Episode

When we first tuned into Breaking Amish on September 9, we were charmed by those bonnets and wide-brimmed hats, and we chuckled at the cast’s excitement over electricity. Oh, how cute, we thought.

However, our innocence quickly turned to incredulity as the TLC “reality” series came under fire for a string of less-than-savory rumors about its Amish and Mennonite stars. The reports, which ranged from stories about divorce to legal troubles to a secret child, caused us viewers to seriously doubt the show’s legitimacy.

TLC pushed back against the firestorm, insisting that all of the controversial topics would be addressed over the course of the 10-episode season. Indeed, many were — including Jeremiah Raber’s previous marriage, Rebecca Byler’s daughter, and Kate Stoltzfus’s DUI arrest.

So when the cast came back together for part two of Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth reunion on November 18, they took the opportunity to set the record straight on several lingering myths.

Sabrina High, who was dating a beast of a man in the finale, admitted that she was married before. “I’m not ashamed I was married,” she said. “I still love [my ex-husband] he’s a good man and he’s honorable. I have nothing but good things to say about him.”

For his part, Jeremiah slammed the reports that he was abusive toward his ex-wife, Naomi Stutzman. “I did spend three days in jail for supposedly [abusing her]. The court threw it out,” he said. “I regret that I didn’t pay child support in the past, but I’m paying it now.”

Finally, newlyweds Abe Schmucker and Rebecca put one of the most contentious reports to rest, explaining that yes, they knew one another before going on the show, but that he’s not the father of her child, and they didn’t date before their NYC adventure. “We’ve known each other for quite a long time. In a church as small as the one we were in, it's hard not to know each other. I was dating another guy [before the show],” Rebecca admitted.

Are you satisfied with how the show handled the cast members’ pasts, or do you still feel duped?

Source: Us Weekly

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11.20.2012 / 02:32 AM EDT by Laura Case
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