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New Study Shows There Are Four Parenting Styles — Which Is Yours?

After dozens of playdates and the occasional late night bonding sesh with fellow moms, it’s no shock to discover that there are distinctly different parenting types. But The Huffington Post reports that based on a recent study out of University of Virginia, there are exactly four categories of parenting models. What’s even more fascinating is that these approaches to parenting aren’t a philosophy you choose to adopt, but rather a natural extension of who you are!

Check out these four types of parents — and their distributions among the parents out there — and see if you can spot yourself in there. (Um, we sure could!)

The Faithful (20%)
Parenting approach based in faith, morals or religion-based teachings. It’s essential that their children know right from wrong, according to their belief system.

The Engaged Progressives(20%)
These folks are all about tolerance. They teach their kids that personal freedom is of the utmost importance — lots of talking about feelings and thinking about the greater good.

The Detached (19%)
Worry about your kids making it in the real world? This hands-off parenting approach aims kids learning practical life skills so they can ultimately and independently thrive on their own.

The American Dreamers (27%)
This category of parents push their kids hard because they want more for their children than they had. Their all about investing completely in their family’s future via their kids.

Source: The Huffington Post

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11.20.2012 / 06:03 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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