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Revenge Season 2: Who Will Emily Thorne Reveal Her True Identity to Next?

Secrets secrets are no fun –– unless your name is Emily Thorne. This fabulous fashionista has taken plotting, sleuthing, and scheming to a whole new level on Revenge, but how long can she keep her real identity hush-hush?

She dropped a truth bomb all over Mason Treadwell's jaunty ascot during last week's episode, and he was then sent to prison stat.

Emily seemed pretty relieved to come out of the vigilante closet, and it got us thinking –– who will she let in on her secret next? Our top three contenders are Daniel Grayson, Charlotte Grayson, and Jack Porter.

Think about it: Daniel's finally realized that his parents are evil, which means he might be willing to work with Emily to bring them down to Chinatown. Meanwhile, Charlotte is straying further and further away from her family, and if Em tells her the truth Char could be willing to become Em's protege.

And Jack? Emily is head over heels for him, and it's only a matter of time before she gets drunk on Sammy memories and word-voms the truth.

Who do you think Emily will tell the truth to next? Hit the poll!


Someone else!

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