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Revenge’s Christa Allen Talks Charlotte’s Relationship Future: “I Really Hope Charlotte Finds a Bad Boy”

Look Revengers, we know Declan Porter is a fan of man jewelry and leather coats, but he isn’t exactly a bad boy. And when he tries to be bad, he’s really, well, bad at it.

Like that one time, when the Decster decided to go mansion robbing with this rando he just met, and he left his ID at the scene of the crime. Whoops!

And though Charlotte and Declan are currently reunited (and it feel so good), the former pill-popper might lose interest soon.

In a recent interview with Beauty High, actress Christa Allen talked openly about Charlotte’s romantic future.

“Declan’s always going to be on the radar because he’s her first love, but I really hope Charlotte finds a bad boy,” she admitted. “He’s so well-behaved. I mean, he is robbing houses and stuff now, but he’s a good boy at heart. I want Charlotte to find a true bad boy and get into some more trouble.”

But when Michael Nardelli, who played Declan’s mansion-robbing buddy Trey Chandler, spoke with Wetpaint Entertainment last week, he gave us a new perspective on the youngest Porter.

“I think Declan just wanted to have fun,” Michael said. The actor went on to say that Declan’s five-finger discount was a result of something deeper than financial woes.

Could Declan be the bad boy Charlotte’s always wanted? Or is he too sweet for her? Tell us what you think below!

Source: Beauty High

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