10 Family Films You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching Together
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10 Family Films You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching Together

The holidays means spending time together — you know, as a family. Often times this means curling up around the TV and taking in a movie. And while we love our families SO MUCH, they have varying degrees of ages and interests, which means it‘s often a challenge to find movies that we actually want to watch together. From the stuff that’s just too young to tolerate, to flicks that are over everyone’s head, the wrong family film can turn quality time into nap time in no time.

To combat this problem, the ladies of Loop du Loop have assembled a guide to ten totally awesome films that practically anyone in your family can watch together. Of course the under 5 set may need some special considerations — but we think your whole family (and YOU!) will love watching these films together.

A Little Princess (G)
This story of a young girl sent to boarding school when her father is presumed dead is captivating and gorgeous to watch. Warning: The ending will have everyone ugly crying.

Babe (G)
A talking pig, raised by sheepdogs who learns to herd — if you and your kids haven’t seen this one together, you’re missing out.

Cautionary tale about a future dystopia brought on by rampant consumerism? Yes, it does sound dark, but it’s actually delightful with a very important message!

The Princess Bride (PG)
We love this post-modern take on the classic fairy tale — plus it’s quotable like through the New Year. Anybody want a peanut?

Where The Wild Things Are (PG)
Everyone loves the Maurice Sendak book, and this adaptation tackles philosophical questions as well as the importance of accepting your family for who they are (Amen).

Fantastic Mr. Fox (PG)
Based on a Roald Dahl children's book, this stop motion animation will totally steal your heart faster than a fox voiced by George Clooney can steal a chicken.

The Return of the Jedi (PG)
This classic will have everyone doing their best Ewok impersonations. Also Princess Leia and Han Solo is one of the galaxies great love stories. Swoon!

Back to the Future (PG)
If your kids haven’t met Marty McFly yet, they’re sure to be arguing with you about time travel in no time. Just say “1.21 jigawatts!” and continue eating popcorn.

Grease (PG)
Danny and Sandy’s ‘50s era musical romance is an irresistible sing-a-long like no other. Remember the Hand Jive? We do.

School of Rock (PG-13)
Jack Black as a rock star who takes a job as a substitute teacher. Hilarity — albeit somewhat bawdy — ensues.

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