3 Flashbacks We’d Love To See On Revenge
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3 Flashbacks We’d Love To See On Revenge

Time to hop into your DeLorean, 'cause where we're going, we don't need roads. Also, where we're going is Flashback City, a beautiful alternate universe where our favorite characters from Revenge wander around looking all kinds of 90s while making references to P.Diddy's "White Parties."

Revenge has a flashback episode coming up this Sunday (Season 2, Episode 8 "Lineage"), and in celebration we've rounded up 3 blasts to the past we'd love to see in the future!

1. Daniel and Tyler: The College Years
Remember when Daniel was a turtleneck-wearing college student who wrote poems about his feelings all day? So do we, because it was crazy/beautiful, not to be confused with Crazy/Beautiful starring Kirsten Dunst. And let's not forget that Daniel's misguided college years featured Tyler Barrol, aka our favorite deceased character on Revenge (sorry, Sammy). We'd give, like, five buckets of lobsters to see what these boys were up to in college!

2. Conrad and Victoria's Love Story
Is it just us, or are Conrad and Victoria sort of adorable lately? We half expect them to make sweet middle-aged love on Victoria's turret! Despite the fact that these two have spent the past few decades trying to destroy each other, there was a time when they were head-over-loubies. We'd love to see a flashback to the good ol' days when Connie and Victoria first met and fell in love in New York. If Conrad's unusual wedding gift to Victoria is any indication, he can be quite the romantic!

3. Takeda's Backstory
Ummm, we are so weirded out by Takeda Satoshi. And not just because he has a really unfortunate mullet and breeds adorable puppies in his free time. This guy is a great mentor to our girl Emily, but we have quite a few questions, all of which could be answered during a flashback episode of Revenge. 1) Where did Takeda get the money to build a vigilante bootcamp on a remote island in Japan? 2) Why does Takeda spend his time teaching hotties how to get their revenge on? 3) Seriously, the rat-tail! Someone explain.

What flashbacks would you like to see on Revenge? Hit the comments!

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11.21.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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