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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Adriana De Moura on Joanna Krupa’s Broken Engagement: “I Think It’s a Publicity Stunt, They’re Famewhores” — Exclusive

Joanna Krupa’s recent announcement that she and fiancé Romain Zago had called off their engagement came as no surprise to The Real Housewives of Miami fans, who have watched the on-again, off-again couple bicker all season long.

But while it’s clear they’re no match made in heaven, Joanna’s RHoM cast mate and arch-rival, Adriana De Moura, thinks there’s more to the breakup than meets the eye. She shared her opinion exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your first thought when you heard Joanna and Romain had split?

Adriana: I immediately smelled a rat. I think this is all for publicity.

What makes you say that?

I read her statement. She says that he loves her and wants to be with her, but can’t commit 100 percent? I think they’re just doing this for the press it will get today and to set up more stories down the line. Right now, the news is about their breakup, next week they’ll be like, "Oh, we made up. We’re back together." Then after that it will be, "Oh, the wedding is happening."

In Touch, which broke the news, also had a statement from Romain. Does the fact that both of them gave statements to the magazine make you even more skeptical?

Yes. It says to me that he’s in on it. It makes sense because they’re both such famewhores.

Whether or not the split is for real, do you think they’ll ever make it as a couple?

No. He’s obviously fed up with her behavior. He tells her constantly that she embarrasses him when they’re out and that she can’t control her drinking. He’s not going to marry her unless he sees a radical change in her. And I don’t see that happening.

Do you think the whole split is fake?