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Revenge’s Nick Wechsler: “What Jack Is to Emily Makes Me Feel a Certain Amount of Confidence” (VIDEO)

We’re already a third of the way through Season 2, Revengers, but with weddings, deaths, and flashbacks (oh my!) in our future, we've only just begun.

Word on the shore is, Jack and Amanda’s nautical nuptials will end in tragedy (and we’re not just talking about these two getting married). Show creator Mike Kelley has previously revealed that the wedding is connected to the dead arm we saw at the bottom of the ocean in the Season 2 premiere.

That arm looked mighty manly, with a wedding band to boot, and was lying next to Jack’s sunken ship The Amanda and a photo of the Porter family. Basically, things aren’t looking too good for Captain Jack.

But when Celebuzz caught up with actor Nick Wechsler at TV Guide Magazine’s “Hot List” Party, he didn’t seem too nervous about his fate.

“Who the hell knows?,” he said laughing. “All first season Mike Kelley made Josh [Bowman] wonder if he was coming back. I don’t want to sound arrogant about it. It’s just what Jack is to Emily makes me feel a certain amount of confidence. It’s not like it requires me, but I feel like they’ve built up this thing where we’re rooting for Jack and Emily so if you take Jack out, and he is kind of the most relatable character within this world. So yeah, I think it would be a little unfair.”

And what about characters like Tyler Barrol, who were fan favorites but still given the axe?

“You probably know that your character’s arch is not a long-lasting one in advance,” he continued. “Sometimes they’ll keep you around a little longer if they like you. Sometimes you find out when you get the script.”

Do you think Jack is safe? Or is anyone fair game on this show? Weigh in below!

Source: Celebuzz

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