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The X Factor

Simon Cowell on Lyric 145’s Elimination — and If a Hip Hop Act Can Ever Win X Factor

Lyric da Queen — and her signature eye patch— was born to rock the mic, but X Factor voters didn’t seem to understand hip hop group Lyric 145. Speaking with reporters after the emotional November 15, 2012 results show, Simon Cowell was refreshingly candid about losing his charismatic mentees in the double elimination. Here’s what Simon had to say about Lyric 145’s song choice — and if a hip hop act can ever really cut it in front of an audience who overwhelmingly prefers country singer Tate Stevens.

Have you spoken to Lyric 145 yet?
Yeah, and there’s not much you can say. I mean, it was just a bummer that they went so early. But I had a bad feeling after [November 14].

Do you think that the last minute song change had anything to do with it?
Well, obviously. But if you had heard the one we rejected, I think they would have been in the same position.

They were pretty intense about how that would have been their best performance ever.
Look, maybe if I’d have known, I would have probably not changed it, but you make those decisions at the moment you think is right, and it was wrong.

Can hip hop acts cut it in this competition?
I think so. You’ve got to connect with a wider audience just because of the volume of the votes, but I say to all these people, it’s a platform. You’ve got to use it carefully.

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11.21.2012 / 09:52 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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