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Jersey Shore

Snooki vs. Ronnie: Whose Losing-Their-Virginity Story Is Crazier?

The Jersey Shore cast members are a bunch of professional smushers, so it's no wonder they're so open about their sex lives. While a lot of your favorite guidos and guidettes have some wild stories, we think Ronnie and Snooki's "first times" are the most shocking.

Ron lost his virginity in his friend's grandma's car when he was 17. He described his first time as "awesome" and said it happened randomly with his friends watching through the window from the car behind him. How … romantic.

Snooki was also in high school when she lost her V-Card, but the reality TV mama doesn't have such fond memories like Ronnie does. She told Rolling Stone last year, "When I saw him again in class, he ignored me. I was like, 'Cool. This is what life is? Great. I definitely regret my first time. It sucked."

Do you think Ronnie or Snooki has the more appalling story? Let us know in the reaction buttons below!

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