The Voice’s Blake Shelton Dishes on the Season 3 Finale: “Just as Long as Adam Doesn’t Win!”
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The Voice

The Voice’s Blake Shelton Dishes on the Season 3 Finale: “Just as Long as Adam Doesn’t Win!”

During last night’s live results show on The Voice, the one coach with no reason to sweat was Blake Shelton. His effortlessly cool rocker, Terry McDermott, is a crowd and coach favorite, and his punk rocker Cassadee Pope made it to No. 1 on the iTunes charts for her performance of his song, “Over You.”

And as predicted, both Terry and Cassadee made it through last night’s eliminations unscathed. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Blake on the red carpet to talk about the next few weeks for his contestants, where the country crooning coach seemed incredibly confident.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Now that you have your team intact tonight, do you feel like there’s a lot of pressure on them to deliver emotional performances week after week like what Cassadee did with “Over You.”

Blake Shelton: Damn right! It’s hard. This thing is hard! I don’t think people realize that it could be easy if you didn’t care. I don’t see how anybody could not be emotionally invested and wrapped up and attached to their artists at this point and I really am and I do feel that kind of pressure — especially with Cassadee now. It’s like, “Oh, my gosh. How do we do that again?” And the truth is we have to figure out a way, every Monday to do something equally as important.

Will it happen like that again? I don’t know but my job is to make sure that people don’t forget about that moment: She’s the one that did that and she can also do this and hopefully at the end, either she or Terry are standing there in the winner’s circle. Terry has been one of those people that since day one, he just gets out there and delivers a solid performance every time. He’s just that workhorse and now we have to figure out a way for him to have that breakout moment like Cassadee had.

Do you feel like that’s another one of your songs?

Could be. I mean it’s hard to say what it could be but if that’s the thing that’s going to get Terry there and we feel like it’s the right thing to do, I’m not too proud. As cheesy as it may be, we’ll do whatever he wants to do because if it’s right, it’s right.

You were vocal about last night being one of the best shows The Voice has ever done. Were you surprised by the eliminations tonight?

I wasn’t surprised by the eliminations tonight. I’m not happy about them. I mean I love Sylvia and Bryan both. Somebody’s gotta go and I’m just damn glad it wasn’t anybody on my team but I still hate that because gosh dangit. They didn’t do anything wrong. They are just good.

Are you confident that the winner of The Voice is on Team Blake?

I am. I’m very confident — especially at this moment. It’s easy to go, “Oh, my gosh! We’re whipping some ass!” but we gotta do it again Monday and the next Monday. If last night would have been the finale, I would be walking up and down this thing with a bottle of champagne but what it did was open up the door for the other three coaches to go, “Oh. I see what happened there. I got some ideas too.”

The one thing that you can’t calculate is artistry and that’s what Cassadee has and that’s what happened last night — she in two minutes, made a connection with millions of people by doing a song that a lot of them already knew and were attached to Miranda’s version of that song and it’s almost sacred ground and she did it in her own way and people embraced her for that. It was really cool to see something like that can still happen.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes judges between the judges on who is going to win?

No. We don’t have any behind-the-scenes wagers … just as long as Adam doesn’t win! I got my fingers crossed. If I don’t win, I at least want it to be Christina or Cee Lo.

Do you think someone from Team Blake could win The Voice again this season? Weigh in below!

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