The Voice’s Bryan Keith Talks Returning to New York: “I Want to Take the Streets By Storm” — Exclusive
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The Voice

The Voice’s Bryan Keith Talks Returning to New York: “I Want to Take the Streets By Storm” — Exclusive

Last night’s shocking live results show on The Voice Season 3 had us spitting out our popcorn, as Team Christina’s Sylvia Yacoub and Team Adam’s Bryan Keith were sent home. Both contestants gave impressive performances on Monday night, and up until this point had been considered contenders to win the entire show.

But when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Bryan on the red carpet following the show, he seemed relaxed and at peace with the decision.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s the plan for now? Are you going to keep doing music?

Bryan Keith: Yeah absolutely. That’s all I do. If I was home, I wouldn’t have the limit of a two minute song to do and cut downs of songs. I just want to go full force when I get home to New York and take the streets by storm and just hit up all the clubs and bars and take the title that I’ve earned in this competition and run with it.

Aside from having instant fans and charting on iTunes, what else have you taken away from The Voice?

I’ve just become a stronger person overall — a stronger artist. I’ve gained so much inspiration from my peers and the other singers, the coaches, even people from production who have been through these seasons before that have seen the ups and downs that the artist go through. I pull inspiration from them too and it’s just going to help me get better and better.

What did you and Adam talk about when you got off stage?

He was just telling me to remember how unique I am and how special I’ve been in this whole competition and that he’s proud of me for being myself. That’s something that he always told me to do and not to lose who I am. He’s going to help me in out in the future so I’m looking forward to that and he’s just proud of me overall.

How do you feel that you’ve grown as a singer on The Voice?

I feel like I showed so many different sides of me in this show but I always hit people hard with the heart and the soul that I had and connected to people. I’m way more confident that I’ve ever been so that’s the most growth I’ve had in this show. My confidence is just out the roof right now.

And definitely the biggest audience that you’ve performed in front of so far…

Yep absolutely. I still haven’t felt the effects of that yet because I haven’t been home to really deal with that but I’m sure when I do I’m going to have a lot of love and I’m going to give a lot of love back.

What do your family and friends think of all this? Have you been in touch with them the last few weeks?

The last couple of weeks, they’ve just been letting me have my time to myself and figure out where my head’s out and stuff but they are super proud of me. They always watch the show and they tell me, “No matter what happens, you’re a star. You’re a winner.”

Were they happy with your Billy Joel performance?

They loved it. That is a song that me and my brother used to listen to all the time in our apartment when I was little and to be able to sing it on the show — my brother was in tears … my dad too.

What was your favorite performance that you got to do this season?

It was definitely “Back to Black.” I feel like it was my chance to give a tribute to an artist who left us too soon. She was young, 27. I lost a guitarist; he was 25 when I was in a band. It’s just a way of giving back no gimmicks, no bull. It just felt good the best feeling that I’ve had on the show.

Do you think Bryan deserved to go home last night? Weigh in below!

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