5 Things Revenge’s Emily Thorne Should Be Thankful For This Year
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5 Things Revenge’s Emily Thorne Should Be Thankful For This Year

Pass the caviar and crumpets, Revengers it’s Thanksgiving. And though we can’t be in the Hamptons until Sunday, there’s still plenty to celebrate.

We hope one particularly lucky lady will give thanks for the many blessings she’s received this season on Revenge. Yes, we’re talking about one Ms. Emily Thorne.

This hot heroine has managed to get through more than a year on the sandy shores of Revenge with only a handful of people uncovering her true identity.

Here are five things she has to be thankful for this season:

1) Mason Treadwell isn't particularly chatty.
Sure, it would ruin the entire show if Mason started talking, but Emily’s been particularly fortunate when it comes to the people who know her secret. First, she told the White-Haired Man (aka her mother’s husband) and, as far as we know, he never said a word. Now, the chattiest journalist on the East Coast knows her darkest secrets and chooses not to tell? Pour out some Perrier for that, Ms. Thorne.

2) Kara Wallace Clarke has zero maternal instincts.
You’d think a mother would be able to tell who her true daughter is, but not Kara. Though she raised Amanda for five years, she still didn’t realize her real daughter was the one living next door to the Graysons with the double infinity tattoo that matched the carvings on the porch of David Clarke’s old beach home. Nah, there’s nothing suspicious about that.

3) Fauxmanda continues to be a loyal follower.
We’re not entirely sure why the ex-stripper continues to be loyal to Ems, but she’s not complaining. Fauxmanda has every reason to pack her knives and go, but for some reason, she can’t seem to say no to Emily. Sure, she fell off a balcony and almost lost her baby and her own life, but Emily needs her help, so let’s bypass that little incident.

4) She’s not engaged to Jack.
Look, we’re all rooting for Jack and Emily to one day get together, but after Ems got that massive rock from Daniel Grayson, Jack’s Cracker Jack trinket simply doesn’t compare. Ems should definitely wait until The Stowaway is turned into a national franchise and Jack’s got enough dough to rival a Grayson before getting serious. Diamonds are a Revenger’s best friend, after all.

5) Her male smorgasbord is overflowing.
One of the coolest things about Emily Thorne is that fact that at any given moment there are at least three devastatingly handsome men willing to drop everything (including the women they’re with) to be with her. Come on, you have a sexy Brit, a millionaire, and a ruggedly handsome bartender, girl you’re in the land of plenty!

What do you think Emily should be thankful for this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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11.22.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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