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Beat Holiday Boredom: Start Your Own Awesome Family Traditions!

Family holiday traditions can be fun-tastic, if you can pull the kids away from their tech toys long enough for some quality time together. The key to competing with your kids’ iGadgets? Skip your parents’ insanely boring, annual, 6-hour drive to see the state’s biggest Christmas tree and come up with your own cool new traditions that your kids will actually enjoy!

Here’s how…

Decide Together. When it comes to bonding, what do you and yours love to do together? Collaboration is key. If you’re a bunch of music loving fools, put on your very own American Idol show in the living room for friends and family — better yet, Holiday Idol. Are you listening, Ryan Seacrest?

Look at the Pretty Lights. Whether you’re urban or suburban, you can pretty much count on finding holiday lights all over the place. Bundle up the kids and take a late night drive around the best decorated nearby area or go window-shopping at stores on a main street. Bonus: The kids will LOVE staying up past their bedtime!

Put a Twist on Your Partying. Instead of hosting a typical, snoozer of a holiday dinner party, try doing something more memorable like a family sleepunder. Invite friends and fam to party in their pj’s at an early evening mock-sleepover that includes all the best of a pajama party — minus actually sleeping over and getting your face doodled on when you’re the first to fall asleep.

Play a Game. Anything from a family Monopoly marathon to a game of touch football is a cheap, fun and makes for a fantastic bonding sesh for the competitive among us. There’s no doubt that seeing mom hike a football wearing stiletto booties on Thanksgiving afternoon will be a moment remembered quite fondly!

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11.22.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Jana Moseley
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