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Can Castle and Beckett Really Overcome Their Differences?

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett took their relationship to a whole new level in this week’s “After Hours” episode when they introduced their parents to one another over a warm, homemade meal. But as things quickly went from bad to worse — even Ben Stiller would cringe at this “meet the parents” frenzy — Castle automatically pinpoints the awkwardness and friction on Martha and Jim “coming from different worlds.”

However, their parents’ minute disagreement only unraveled the dreaded, underlying issue plaguing our once happier couple. “You’re like this world-famous best-selling author, and I’m just this cop, and we’re in this relationship that makes absolutely no sense on paper,” Beckett says. (For the record, though, we all know Beckett’s not just some cop.)

We get that Castle and Beckett aren’t the same person. Heck, what kind chemistry would they have if they were? Frankly, we’d be bored if they agreed on every convoluted case, killer or plan of action, because it’s that kind of tension that makes their, um, “handshakes” come alive. And we can’t get enough.

So what do you think Castle crusaders? Can Castle and Beckett ever really overcome their differences? Or was this week’s far-fetched foe, Leo, right in saying, “those differences that are so charming now, they may end up pulling you apart"?

Weigh in with your thought now in the comments section down below.

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11.22.2012 / 01:36 AM EDT by Alana McMillan
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