Did Ed Swiderski Cheat on Jillian Harris?
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The Bachelorette

Did Ed Swiderski Cheat on Jillian Harris?

Ed Swiderski first sashayed into our dirty dreams when he swept Jillian Harris off her feet during The Bachelorette, but sadly their relationship didn't last. Ed just couldn't resist the ladies, and according to Us Weekly, he cheated on Jilly with two different women –– his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Johnson, and a hottie named Bethany Steffen.

Ed and Jillian initially refuted the rumors, and Ed took it to Good Morning America to say "It's actually not true at all. Jillian and I have been the target of being one of the very few successful couples on the show. We're clearly being targeted because we're happy."

Jillian and Ed broke up in the wake of these sordid lies, but Ed eventually admitted to cheating (kinda) during an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment.

"Yeah, I mean, I won’t get into the details but I can definitely say I was living my life as a bachelor," he said. "I’m not perfect. I was definitely enjoying all of the attention and, of course, if you admit that there’s any truth to the tabloids that [makes people think] all of it is true and that’s really not something I can do. I can say that there were definitely bits and pieces of things that were true, but there was certainly a lot of embellishment that was going on and it kept going for a couple weeks, which was pretty disturbing."

The truth will set you free, Ed.

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