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How Long Will Thanksgiving Leftovers Keep?

Two things are certain this Thanksgiving: #1) Your pants will be unbuttoned after dinner to make room for your new food baby. And #2) you’ll have enough food leftover in the fridge to redo Thanksgiving on Friday. But how long can you really keep that turkey leg and all the fixin’s before things go bad? We’re taking the guess work — and potential stomachaches — out of leftovers with some “when to toss guidelines.

Turkey: Let’s talk turkey. You’ve got 3-4 days tops to eat leftover turkey, so check out Food Network for leftover recipes to see how much turkey you can take down before it’s too late.
(Source: Still Tasty)

Sweet Potatoes: Still Tasty tells us that mouthwatering baked sweet potatoes can last for 3-5 days in a fridge as long as they’re packed up tight in a covered container. So you can have yummy yams for at least a few more days.
(Source: Still Tasty)

Stuffing: Can’t stuff yourself silly in one sitting? No worries! If you throw your stuffing in the fridge, you’ll have about 4-6 days, according to Eat By Date, to eat the best tasting food with the worst name ever!
(Source: Eat By Date)

Cranberry Sauce: How can you eat leftover turkey without the cranberry sauce? You can’t!!! Don’t sweat it, because Shelf Life Advice says that cranberry sauce can last for about a week.
(Source: Shelf Life Advice)

Pumpkin Pie: A staple dessert of T-Day, but we want to eat every bite, and lick the crumbs, until it’s G-O-N-E! Still Tasty says we have about 3-4 days to get ‘er done!
(Source: Still Tasty)

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11.22.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Jo Aaron
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