5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Teen Mom
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Teen Mom

5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Teen Mom

Thanksgiving is finally upon us, and the time has come to binge eat, like, twenty pumpkin pies, slip into a turkey-induced coma, and look back on what we're thankful for. You know, things like our families, our friends, our health, and — most importantly — Teen Mom (aka our reason for waking up in the morning).

Without further ado, check out five reasons we're thankful for Teen Mom … other than the fact that it introduced us to the beauty of bedazzled Uggs.

1. It's Inspirational. Sob!
The Teen Mom ladies have been through so much, and their ability to keep spirits up through thick and thin is truly inspiring. These gals were forced to grow up while they were still kids themselves, and they're great role models for teens and adults alike!

2. It Teaches Teens About Safe Sex
Thanks to Teen Mom, the pregnancy rate in the USofA has dropped dramatically, y'all. Young viewers get to see nitty-gritty truth about what it's like to raise a baby at a young age — not to mention how having a kid can affect a gal's education and love life!

3. The Babies Are Adorbs
Let's get real: 50 percent of the reason we watch Teen Mom is for the adorable bambinos. These little kiddos are beyond cute, and we love watching them grow! #neverforget the moment Ali and Aleeah ate cheese puffs off the floor. Best children ever.

4. Baby Mama Drama Rama
We can barely get through an episode of Teen Mom without breaking down into a fit of ugly-crying and hurling pizza at our TV. It's just so dramatic. All of these ladies are either breaking up, making up, making out, going to jail, getting high, or eating chicken Alfredo, and we can't tear ourselves away.

5. The Boy Toys
Thanks to Teen Mom, Kieffer Delp and his green hoodie are in our lives. You are welcome forever. Oh, and the rest of the Teen Mommy boyfriends are equally amazing — especially Gary Shirley and his bountiful crop of watermelons.

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11.23.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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