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Blaine and Eli’s Hookup on Glee: What Exactly Happened?

We’ve known for a few weeks now that Blaine (Darren Criss) cheated on Kurt (Chris Colfer) by hooking up with some guy he met on Facebook named Eli C. Yet information about that fateful day has been frustratingly absent.

Who is Eli, exactly? How long had he and Blaine known each other? And what happened, anyway?

Thankfully, Thursday’s Season 4, Episode 7: “Dynamic Duets” finally provided a bit of clarity. The episode included a flashback to Blaine and Eli’s hookup, and Blaine finally got the chance to explain what happened in full.

“It was a guy that friended me on Facebook. I went over to his place because it felt like Kurt was moving on with his life, and I wasn’t a part of it,” Blaine tearfully told Sam (Chord Overstreet). Blaine and Eli had never met before. Their hookup was a one-time thing, and Blaine says he instantly felt remorse.

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“I kept thinking that maybe Kurt and I weren’t meant for each other, that maybe we weren’t supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. But the horrible thing is, right after I did it, I knew: We were.”

While we’re obviously thrilled to hear that Blaine has decided he wants to spend the rest of his life with Kurt... we wish the revelation could have come under slightly different circumstances.

Plus, now that Kurt is refusing to even speak to Blaine, does such a realization even really matter? The whole thing has Blaine feeling hopeless. “It’s not okay, Sam,” he says. “Because I cheated on the one person that I love more than anything in this world. I hurt him. He’s not going to trust me. He’s never going to forgive me.”

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Yet after all this, there’s one thing that doesn’t seem fully clarified. Did Blaine and Eli actually have sex, or did their “hookup” simply consists of pretty much everything else. Blaine never says for sure, though we’re taking the fact that Eli’s shirt was unbuttoned as pretty solid proof that the two probably did a bit more than just make out on his bed.

But whatever happened, it was enough to send Blaine into a deep spiral of shame and self-loathing he still hasn’t been able to work his way out of quite yet. Eli may have only appeared on Glee for a total of a few seconds — and his face never clearly appeared on camera — but there is little doubt that he has left a huge mark on the lives of both Kurt and Blaine.

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11.23.2012 / 08:35 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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