Blaine’s Lover, Eli: What Does He Look Like?
Credit: Mike Yarish/Beth Dubber/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    
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Blaine’s Lover, Eli: What Does He Look Like?

Ever since Blaine (Darren Criss) tearfully confessed to Kurt (Chris Colfer) that he’d hooked up with some guy named Eli, we’ve been dying to find out as much about this Eli as possible.

Who is he? How did he meet Blaine? And what about him could have possibly convinced Blaine to cheat on Kurt?

During tonight’s Season 4, Episode 7: “Dynamic Duets,” we finally got some answers. Unfortunately, we didn’t get nearly as many answers as we would have liked!

Blaine told Sam (Chord Overstreet) that Eli is just some guy he met on Facebook, and that the two of them only hooked up once. We got a flashback of the moments right after that fateful hookup, but we didn’t even get to see Eli’s face!

Sure, we heard his voice. (And we liked his voice well enough. Eli sounds much less annoying than Kurt’s Between The Sheets buddy, Chandler. And he doesn’t really have Karofsky’s (Max Adler) football jock persona either. He actually seems like a pretty nice mix of both.)

Blaine’s Lover, Eli: What Does He Look Like?
Credit: Jordin Althaus/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

But what else do we really know about Eli? We know that he has brown hair. And that he likes to wear plaid. And that he has a penchant for leaving his shirt unbuttoned. Still, would it have killed Glee to actually let us see the guy's face? We have to know what Kurt’s up against here!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy said that there would be “a scene” with Eli, and we have a sinking suspicion that this post-hookup flashback is all we’re going to get. But why? We just want to see his face!

Thankfully, Ryan has already shared one very important piece of information about Eli. A fan on Twitter recently asked if Eli and Kurt look similar at all. Ryan’s answer was clear: no, they don’t.

Would we like to know more about Eli? Absolutely. But for now, we’ll try to be content with what we do know about him. In the case of cheating incidents like this, maybe it really is best not to dwell on the past. Perhaps — in the grand scheme of things —we really don’t want to know, anyway.

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11.23.2012 / 08:34 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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