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Glee Recap of Season 4, Episode 7: “Dynamic Duets” — Blaine Is Back With the Warblers!

As Yoda might say: Enjoy tonight’s Glee episode, we totally did! In fact, we’ll go ahead and say it: Best episode of the season! How else could we feel about an episode that has Blaine singing with the Warblers, Jake and Ryder becoming besties, and those amazing superhero costumes?

So pour yourself a tall mug of coffee, grab your fanny pack, and put a jockstrap on your face: It’s time to recap an episode that we are extremely thankful for!

The episode, “Dynamic Duets,” begins with one of the best opening Glee sequences in recent memory, as Blaine addresses the superhero club, which includes members of New Directions! So which was your favorite costume? We loved them all, but Blaine’s Nighthawk costume was especially great, as was Brittany’s Human Brain. Can we have a Barbie head, too, Brittany?

The New Directions learn that the Warblers have channeled their inner Ocean’s Eleven and swiped New D’s first-place trophy. Uh, shouldn’t the Warblers have been caught by the security camera that Sue last week claimed to have installed in the choir room? You’re slipping, Sue!

Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

This means Blaine has to make a trip to the “dark side” to visit Dalton. Uh-oh. It’s here that he meets cat-stroking Hunter, the (very adorable) new Warblers captain who wants Blaine back. Blaine joins the Warblers for just one song, and we must say that seeing Blaine in a Dalton blazer again was like if Justin Bieber ever grew his bangs long again: You don’t want to like it, but you just can’t help yourself!

Speaking of trying out different outfits, it’s Finn’s first day leading glee, so he has his big boy clothes on. We think his Foreigner idea is kind of amazing (this show really loves Foreigner, doesn’t it?), but the kids don’t agree. So he puts on his own superhero outfit and gets glee club to unite via surprising pairings. And though we liked Finn’s costume, we prefer his uber-manly auto mechanic outfit any day of the week.

Finn’s pairings include Kitty and Marley (that whip!), plus Ryder and Jake, who both want Marley. They even come to blows maybe they’re members of Blaine’s fight club? until Finn encourages them to confess their weaknesses. Jake writes a note to say he’s embarrassed to be mixed race (people still write notes?), while Ryder admits to not being able to read.

Blaine tells Finn that he’s headed to blazerville (noooo!), since McKinley reminds him of Kurt. And then we learn that Facebook is more evil than The Social Network made it seem, given that Blaine met Eli through it. (Damn you, Mark Zuckerberg!)

Credit: Jordin Althaus/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

In a shocking flashback, we see Blaine post-Eli hook-up, as Blaine gets instantly sad afterwards they hook up. Sadly, we don’t get to actually see Eli, since his face is blurred a la someone in the background of a reality show who refused to sign a release form. But given how quickly Blaine regretted the hook-up, we’re thinking the show is leading up to a Klaine reconciliation in the near future. (Or is that just our own wishful thinking?)

Sam then proves that he’s capable of cheering up anyone, as he takes Blaine on that charity spree. And we love seeing the whole gang painting over graffiti together, even though more paint ended up on people’s bodies than on the wall. Details, details. And it looks like the painting party paid off, as Blaine is staying at McKinley! Time to give thanks for that.

Jake tells Finn about Ryder’s difficulty reading, so Ryder meets with a specialist who tells him he’s dyslexic. (Our new favorite word is now “florb,” in case you were wondering.)

This means Jake is now Ryder’s “boy,” although we wonder if that will last after Marley asks Jake out on a date on the night she was supposed go out with Ryder. (You go, girl!) Then again, feeling bad for Marley for having to choose between Jake and Ryder is like feeling bad for someone whose wallet is uncomfortable to sit on because it has so much cash in it.

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But seriously how great was this episode? We missed Kurt and Rachel, natch, but the superhero parody was genius, with the hilarious costumes and comic book-style graphics. The songs were all amazing, especially “Some Nights” and “Dark Side,” and we loved getting a quick glimpse at Puck, red mohawk and all. We’re just glad Puck didn’t offered us his $100 deal, since we’re not sure we’d be able to say no.

Seeing Puck was a definite contender for our “Favorite Scene of the Week,” as was Finn in the sweater vest and Ryder standing up for Jake. (Nothin’ wrong with a little bro love.) But our favorite scene was watching Blam escape with the trophy, and our runner-up scene was Blaine singing with the Warblers - although it feels like heresy to admit it.

We’re a little surprised at how ridiculously awesome it was to see Sebastian again. Sure, we’re Klaine fans through and through, but we can’t be the only ones who kinda want to see Blaine on a date with Sebastian, right? We feel like Klaine will be getting together sooner rather than later, but with Sebastian no longer throwing rock salt at people, we think that seeing him on a date with Blaine would be almost too much handsomeness for our TVs to handle.

Credit: Jordin Althaus/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

And is it obvious that Marley will now end up picking Jake over Ryder? It definitely seems the show is heading that way, with Jake showing his sweeter side tonight, and Ryder sorta rubbing us the wrong way while he was boasting to Jake about winning Marley’s heart. It might be a little cruel that she right away forgets about Ryder, but we do like this “fierce” new Marley.

We’re still torn about who Marley will pick, but we say there’s a 70% chance that she picks Jake and only 30% for Ryder. (Just so you know, that’s the most complicated math that we’re capable of doing.) Either way, this love triangle is very compelling, and we love all three of them.

All in all, tonight’s episode totally blew us away, and we hope that Glee continues to be this heroically awesome. In the meantime, we have lots of leftovers to scarf down. To channel Yoda: A great Thanksgiving we hope you had!

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