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Top 5 Best Revenge Episodes From Season 1

With 22 nail-biting episodes in its first season, it’s hard to pick a favorite episode (or even five) of Revenge.

But now that we're well into Season 2, let’s reflect back on our Top 5 favorite episodes from Revenge Season 1.

5. Charade (Episode 7 | Aired: 11/2/2011)

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Our first introduction to Fauxmanda is sultry and violent. The Grayson’s hitman, Frank, goes on a quest to find the real Amanda Clarke and to clear his name. He finds a girl matching her description at a local strip club, but once he finds out that she’s not the real Amanda Clarke, things get messy.

He’s on the phone with Victoria, about to destroy Emily’s chance at revenge, when Fauxmanda hits him over the head with a shovel. That’ll teach him!

4. Legacy (Episode 20 | Aired: 5/9/2012)

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This flashback episode gave us insight into the past of the Hamptons elite. It showed that Conrad’s always been willing to kill those in his way and gave us a peek at Victoria and David Clarke’s first encounter.

Plus: Jack with a mullet!

3. Duress (Episode 11 | Aired: 1/4/2012)

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We always knew Tyler was bad news, but the crazed former friend of Daniel Grayson really comes unhinged at Danny Boy’s birthday party. He shows up pointing a gun at Emily Thorne’s head and threatening to take all of them down.

Luckily, Tyler’s brother gets there in time to stop him from doing any real damage, but don’t worry, he wasn't gone for long.

2. Chaos (Episode 15 | Aired: 2/15/2012)

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In probably the most anticipated episode of the season, we finally find out what happens at the Fire and Ice engagement party from the show’s pilot episode. And even though they “show us” what happens, we’re still left with a million questions.

Daniel’s not dead, but Tyler is and D-Unit’s covered in his blood. Victoria warns him not to say a word, but the truth does come out.

1. Reckoning (Episode 22 | Aired: 5/23/2012)

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This season finale was filmed when the show’s creators still weren’t sure if it would be picked up for a second season. That’s apparent in how quickly everything goes awry. We leave the episode with Daniel and Emily broken up, Amanda pregnant, and three characters potentially dead.

We’d expected no less, Mike Kelley.

Do you agree with our picks?

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