Why Did Christina Aguilera Write “Fighter”? You Asked, We Answered!
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Why Did Christina Aguilera Write “Fighter”? You Asked, We Answered!

Almost 10 years ago, one of the most iconic songs in pop music was released Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” This anthem for a generation of the downtrodden inspired tons of teens.

But what inspired Christina to write it in the first place?

The diva explained the song’s meaning in Chicken Soup For the Soul: The Story Behind The Song.

Here’s what she had to say:

I wrote this for my sophomore album, Stripped, and I was very determined for it to reflect who I was. The first record was what the label wanted and created. There was a huge pop explosion at the time and I was part of that wave. I felt stifled. I was thankful that the early success allowed me the freedom to write what I wanted for the next one.

I was 21 and I had a lot on my mind. I had been performing in front of an audience since I was 6, helping to make a living for my family. I grew up in a very chaotic and abusive home where I didn't feel very safe. I started writing music, both melodies and lyrics, when I was 15. In retrospect, I realize I used it as a release, a therapeutic outlet. It was the way I found my voice. I connected with the music and escaped from my home life. In school, I was picked on and alienated because of my passion for music. So I harbored a little personal pain but the seemingly negative things made me smarter and stronger. I took notice early of the people all around me in the business who were there for the wrong reasons.

I wrote “Fighter” when I was on tour promoting my first CD. I was coming up with titles and ideas and deciding what I wanted to write about. I had to sit down and make sense of my feelings and experiences. I learned a lot from the first record that helped me to develop. I took the good and the bad and considered some of the choices I made and became better because of it."

Is “Fighter” your favorite Christina song? Tell us below!

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